KSKQ is a 501c(3) non-profit, non-commercial educational community radio station. The majority of our funding comes from financial contributions by the local business community and KSKQ's listeners.

When your organization or business underwrites KSKQ programming, you help support an important community resource and cultural asset while providing your business with a unique marketing tool at the same time.

Some of the obvious benefits are:

  1. An association with KSKQ Community Radio programming strengthens public perception of your commitment to the community.

  2. By fostering improvements and broadcast expansion at KSKQ through underwriting, you directly increase the listening audience and potential target market for your goods and services.

  3. Underwriters are mentioned regularly on the air with our thanks for your support. We mention your name, address, contact information and the goods or services you provide.

  4. Underwriting on Community Radio provides an opportunity to reach a targeted audience based on the wide variety of formats for individual shows.

Our Special Quarterly Rates :

At this time, we are happy to offer 13 weeks (3 months) of underwriting for the Basic rate of $300.00. This includes one on-air announcement per day, which means more than 90 on-air announcements for your business or group. The Basic rate also includes pre-recorded announcements that run randomly throughout the week plus placement of your business logo on the KSKQ website. Other underwriting packages are available to meet every budget and special placement need.

Underwriting at KSKQ is an incredibly affordable way to gain exposure for your business while supporting your community radio station. And, it is tax deductible!

How do I become a Underwriter?

Call (541-482-3999) or email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your favorite KSKQ Broadcaster, or drop by the station. Then, just complete the UNDERWRITING AGREEMENT, attach your check and mail or deliver it to:

KSKQ Community Radio
330 E. Hersey St #2
Ashland, OR 97520.

Please allow 14 days for KSKQ to process your underwriting agreement and get your announcement on- air. Underwriting on-air announcements may be updated monthly on the first of each month. We will send you a renewal reminder so your underwriting spots will continue without interruption.

For additional exposure, ask about KSKQ’s one opportunity for traditional advertising messages—without FCC wording restrictions—on our internet stream.

Your support helps to make our community stronger!