Backpack Boombox is a Hip-Hop/Rap focused show hosted by longtime performer David Downey, Jr. Growing up in the Greater Boston area, his youth was influenced by classic artists such as Run-DMC, The Beastie Boys, and A Tribe Called Quest. David found that the music ignited something deep within his soul, and he spent the majority of his formative years with a yellow Sony Walkman strapped to his side, as if it were an additional limb.

His musical addiction was fed by years of scouring through used record stores on a constant hunt for fresh tracks. The habit of listening to nonstop music led to lyric writing and he eventually moved to the Bay Area of California, where he became a recording artist/performer, as well as the vocalist for indie rap group Woke With A Plan. Over the years, David released albums, played live shows and continued to build the musical catalog of his mind. 

Performing live allowed David the opportunity to network with many incredible artists and he’s honored to share their music as a new member of the KSKQ team. Backpack Boombox will be playing all of the old-school tracks that he grew up with, as well as those current indie gems that deserve more attention.

David moved to the Rogue Valley in 2014, and recently settled in Ashland, with his wife and two children. He’s excited to contribute to the rich artistic community and share his passion with KSKQ listeners.

Backpack Boombox will be airing Monday nights between 10PM and Midnight.