You can call him Dave or Mud, or Beatrice, or Sandino, or Poncho Villa, or John Lennon, or Martin Luther  (you get the idea).

During the summer his show is broadcasted live from the Tuesday Rogue Valley Grower’s and Crafter’s Market at the Armory on East Main in Ashland. During the winter months he's back in the studio.

For the winter months he's decided to choose a theme for the show of good or positive news to inspire the listeners to feel good about all the amazing achievements happening all over the world that mainstream media refuses to cover. It's an opportunity for people who haven’t acted for positive change to jump in and a balm to those who are dedicating their lives to earth stewardship. Dave encourages people to call in and make a hope offering.

The usual Farm Talk show focuses on local, organic, and sustainable food production. Dave brings in farmers, food network people, butchers, veterinarians, value added food people and anybody connected to local food. The show is live from the heart of the Grower’s Market and he makes an effort to have live music performances in the middle of each one hour show. It is quite a lively scene when they get the stand up bass going and a vocalist and someone on the mandolin.

The mission statement of the show is to promote the building and strengthening of a food based community of earth stewards. By sharing the stories of all the many kinds of people involved in building our local food web we inform and inspire ourselves.

The Farm Talk archive holds over 200 shows that serve as a resource for anyone who wants to learn about who is the local food web here in Jackson County. Farm Talk radio supports important political movements like the GMO Free Jackson County initiative.

Dave has been doing Farm Talk radio for four years now. He farmed in Talent, Oregon with his two kids and parents for three years with every type of food imaginable growing all around. After six months on the farm, they were having meals where everything on the table came from the farm. Dave also runs a compost making operation at the north end of Ashland called Soil Salvation. He's currently up to his ears in mud, manure, leaves, and compost. It is absolutely thrilling. Dave was a landscape contractor for ten years. Before that, he had a video production company whose purpose was saving Medicine Lake Highlands from geothermal development. He's also worked as a canvasser for Greenpeace in San Francisco and for Sane Freeze in Santa Cruz. It was a long time dream to have a radio show and one day Carson Bench opened the door and invited him in. Thanks, Carson.