Church of RockThe Church Of Rock radio show originally started on Halloween of 1999, on a 100,000 watt radio station in Peoria, Illinois. The show is produced & hosted by the self ordained high-priest of rock n roll, Reverend Derek Moody and his co-host and co-producer Sister Tracy. The good Reverent presents deep album cuts, rare songs, unreleased tunes mixed in with sporadic interviews with members of the International rock n roll community. A special segment of every show is dedicated to local southern Oregon artists and their music.

The Church Of Rock offers moments of comedy, self reflection and the spirit of rock at it's finest & most pure. Reverend Derek Moody is a legal ordained non-denominational minister & has officiated in over 25 wedding ceremonies over the years. (He even performed one ceremony live, on the radio!). The Church of Rock has become a staple in many peoples lives in many states across America. The opportunity to be broadcasting from KSKQ, community radio, is a blessing and a pleasure.

Please give the show a listen. It's YOUR show.

Tune in to hear the best in all genres of rock n roll.