JahfirmDJ Jahfirm brings World Remixes to the airwaves every Monday night from 9-10 pm. Jahfirm is a sonic collective of auditory vibrations congealed to resonate harmonically with hemispheric lateralization. Turntablism is the medium for this transitory experience, with crossfading beatmatched rhythms woven into a rich tapestry of sound. Minimal verbiage allows the listen to enter an altered state of consciousness facilitated by seamless transitions between songs. The occasional train wreck keeps the listener aware of the actual artistic process being performed live during each set, guaranteeing that no 2 sets are ever the same.

Using political, environmental, and social justice samples from historical and modern events, listeners are transported through various weekly themes, like anti-nuclear, non-GMO, forest practices, universal nature, and protest history. Catalyzed by the first Gulf War, Jahfirm created G Dub Ya, an audio-visual history of the military industrial complex, which became the impetus for the KSKQ broadcasts. Using good old-fashioned turntables, headphones, and a crossfader, Jahfirm brings back the original element of turntable culture, inspiring activists, moving dancers, and stimulating conscious exploration of our profound universe. The diverse unity of one world remixes for the love of life.

Tune in Mondays at 9 pm.