Dj OrganicAfter a 29 year hiatus (or one Saturn return cycle), DJ Organic (aka Andrew Harrison), formerly know as Captain Organic, has returned to the airwaves at KSKQ FM. Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Captain Organic graced the airwaves of Los Angeles's alternative rock giant KROQ and it’s smaller competitor, KNAC in Long Beach. In the mid-1980s, Organic also did a year stint with Rick Dees in his infamous “Cast of Idiots” at KIIS FM in LA as “Andrew Bond.”

The new show at KSKQ, “Old Skool Rules” is a throwback to the era of the counter culture personality DJ’s with music featuring deep tracks from records from the '60s through the '90s.  It is mostly rock, both classic and cutting edge with some blues and funk thrown in. Also expect lots of comedy from the Firesign Theater, National Lampoon, Cheech and Chong, the Credibility Gap and more.

Outside the studio, Andrew has been a pioneer in the organic and natural products industry. In 1978, he introduced the first frozen organic veggie burger, the Captain Organic Vital Burger, five years before Gardenburger. Since then, Andrew has launched several other product lines including the Heart & Soul and VegiPro Brands. Andrew also represented many large natural product companies including Emerald Valley Kitchen, Planet, Nature’s Path, Yves Fine Foods, Imagine Foods, Primal Strips. Lovers of frozen desserts will be happy to know that Andrew assisted in launch of the popular treat Coconut Bliss. Finally, he helped Turtle Mountain (So Delicious brand) transition from a soy-based to a primarily coconut-based company. He still imports organic coconut ingredients for them.

He's excited to serve the great People’s Republic of Ashlandia in the Gone Rogue Valley! Tune to 89.5 FM every Monday at 4 pm.