Maya SeligmanThere must be uncountable ways to organize a music show. There's genre, era, year, geography, and untold subdivisions these categories. KSKQ features plenty of music shows that use divisions like Classical, Reggae, Jazz, Caribbean, African, or 1980s music. But there one music show that's different. Maya's Mix isn't concerned with genres, eras or geography. Maya Seligman picks songs according to her own method--the theme. A theme may be a single word in the title, "You" or "Fire." It may be a color, a holiday or other special day. It may be a body part or a four letter word. There are really no limits to finding a theme and the resulting music is as diverse as the radio station and as unique as the DJ, Maya.

When Maya Seligman first came to KSKQ in 2008, she was motivated by her nostalgia over her days as a DJ at her college radio station at Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, PA, and the opportunity to support community radio and the larger Ashland community. Her theme-based show is also an outreach effort to her fan base. Using her Facebook group, Maya solicits ideas for her weekly shows. The responses come quickly and span a vast terrain of music. Listeners always discover new songs, new artists and new genres. All her ideas, reflections and insights are collected on her blog Maya's Mix, so there's no reason to miss out on past themes.

Tune in and be surprised every Friday from 7-9 pm.