latitude 42Latitude 42 north, the forty-second parallel, isn't just another line on the globe. It the line that links Ashland to many fabled places. Think Spain, Corsica, Macedonia, Turkey, Georgia (the country), Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Inner Mongolia, the Japanese island of Hokkaido--amazingly diverse places. So it should only be proper that KSKQ has a radio show called Latitude 42, to capture the diversity of our community and music. There is not fixed musical genre, no fixed format. Latitude 42 is an easygoing, flexible, drive-home-for-the-weekend show that samples the 56,000 plus songs in the KSKQ music library, brings you interviews with great folks from Ashland, or visiting travelers who've stopped at our parallel.

All this is brought to you by Carson Bench, whose attitude is just right for this latitude. A radio volunteer for that past fourteen years, Carson got his start in Point Reyes Station, California at KWMR before they were even on the air. Doing two to three shows a week and participating in the development of that station, he was able to see it grow and become an institution woven into the fabric of the West Marin community. After eight years of involvement and service he moved to Southern Utah where he happened upon KTIM, a brand new, just barely on the air community radio station. While there he helped KTIM acquire more music and did a few shows a week. After eleven months in Southern Utah it became evident that life would be a little more pleasant elsewhere. On June 1st of 2007 Carson landed in the Rogue Valley and miraculously on that same day found KSKQ, a brand new station and not even on the air yet. Carson has been instrumental in the development of this community radio station. A never tiring advocate for the station, he now serves as the program director. On occasion, Kayla Elrod assists Carson.

Tune in every Friday from 4 to 6pm and ease into the weekend.