The best moments in life include music! Anna Wild, host of a-dub Live Radio, knows that. She's lived it. Her father, still her most dedicated listener, reports that she was whistling while being pushed along in her pram through Union, NJ. Dinner music in the Wild home, up to 1984 included Simon & Garfunkle, West Side Story and HAIR movie soundtracks, Uriah Heap's Firefly, the Sergeant Pepper album, Pink Floyd, Pavarotti, Kiss, the Carpenters, Alice Cooper and the like.

That early musical talent flourished into a career as a flute player. She got All State honors, in case you are wondering. Given her musical family, it was only natural that Anna should end up performing with her brother throughout the metro area of NY and NJ. There're even recordings of THE WILDS' exploits. But since that happened in the pre-digital era, those are available only on cassette. Check out the Facebook page of a-dub Live Radio.

Need further proof that the best moments in life include music? Anna met her husband on stage a the Cove, a club in Roselle, NJ. Enough said.Anna Wild

After moving to Ashland over 15 years ago—Anna works for OSF—she realized that the only thing missing in her new life was music. Enter KSKQ. Carson Bench, program director and tireless KSKQ booster, was prowling for new programmers and the rest is history. Anna has been hosting A-Dub Live Radio for 5 years now.

What's on the show? Everything you read above. Anna's favorite classical composer is Gustav Mahler. Rickie Lee Jones would have to be her favorite gal and most recently she's added Keb Mo to her collection

Becoming a radio-host also meant contributing to our southern Oregon community. Anna considers KSKQ to be an important part of that community and has been producing the KSKQ GREEN SHOW SHOW for several Seasons.

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