KSKQ Community Radio has created a COVID-19 resource guide for the local community.  This guide can be downloaded here (updated 4/12/2020).  This guide will be updated as new resources are identified so check back often to download the lastest version. Currently, the guide includes references in the following areas:

  • General References for COVID-19 providing links related to health, governmental and financial concerns.
  • Local Resources within Jackson county and Ashland including information about showers, laundry, and car camping, ...
  • References concerning meals, restaurant and grocery delivery options
  • Additional local references related to medical / mental health
  • Information about businesses with special hours for seniors or people with underlying medical conditions
  • School meals and child care


Please note that the FCC is warning about COVID-19 scams and has set up a dedicated page that includes examples that you can use to help spot the scammers: www.fcc.gov/covid-scams.

The FCC has received reports of robocalls purporting to offer free virus test kits, in an effort to collect consumers' personal and health insurance information. One pernicious version of this scam is targeting higher risk individuals with diabetes, offering a free COVID-19 testing kit along with a free diabetic monitor. Other robocalls are marketing fake cures and asking for payment over the phone.

The Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration have posted consumer warnings about fake websites and phishing emails used to promote bogus products.

Opportunists are also making robocalls to offer HVAC duct cleaning as a way to "protect" your home and family from the virus.

Fraudsters are also preying on financial fears tied to the pandemic. The FCC is aware of robocall scams with COVID-19 themed work-from-home opportunities, student loan repayment plans, and debt consolidation offers. Consumers aren't the only target. Small businesses are also getting scam calls about virus-related funding or loans and online listing verification.