Hello, this is a partial play list for the KSKQ Friday Night "Reggae Dub Lounge" of March 13, 2009.

9:10  Bill Laswell remixes Bob Marley, from the CD

        "Dreams of Freedom".

9:40  Mad Proffesor & Lee Perry from the CD

        "Dub Take The Voodoo Out Of Reggae".

9:50  From the Bill Laswell re-mix CD entitled: "Mysteries of Creation",

        we heard "Return to the Bass and Trouble", w/ Sly & Robbie.

9:57  "Revolution" by SubDub (same CD).

[Began recording the show w/ 'Audio HiJack' program.]

10:30  Earl Zero w/ Soul Syndicate,

          "None Shall Escape the Judgement", from the CD "Visions of Love".

10:40  "Ishens Dub"

10:44  "Total Dub" (a dub version of the Mighty Diamonds "When the Right Time Comes")

10:48  "Open The Gate", by Lee Perry.

          followed by "Open the Gate Dub".

The show ran until 11:30pm with other un-logged Dub Music.