KSKQ Community Radio is a program of the Multicultural Association of Southern Oregon (MCASO), the license-holder for KSKQ.

In collaboration with (or in the absence of) the Program Director, Volunteer Coordinator, Chief Operator and the Management Committee, the KSKQ Station Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the station and is required to work in a manner consistent with the MCASO’s mission, values, and vision, which includes a commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. The Station Manager assures KSKQ is following FCC regulations and honors KSKQ policies and procedures.

The Station Manager is expected to establish positive supportive relations with all KSKQ volunteers and is expected to create a welcoming environment, fostering a thriving community. The Station Manager is directly responsible, through contract, to the KSKQ Management Committee and, ultimately, to the Board of the Multicultural Association of Southern Oregon.


  1. Oversees all aspects of the daily operation of the station.
  2. Establishes consistent office hours per FCC regulations Organizes, schedules, coordinates and trains the volunteer office staff and programmers, in conjunction with the Volunteer Coordinator and Program Director.
  3. Understands FCC regulations, policies, and compliance issues and reporting.
  4. With the Chief Operator, maintain the Public File.
  5. Receives and distributes mail, phone and email correspondence.
  6. Is able to set up syndicated shows and monitor play lists.
  7. Is able to update PSA cards and assure they are being read on the air.
  8. Is able to operate the EAS, Emergency Alert System, and ensure weekly checks are done per regulations, in conjunction with the Chief Operator.
  9. Takes a leading role in the organizing, developing and orchestrating of fundraising and outreach campaigns.
  10. Communicates with and keeps Programmers informed and is the conduit between Programmers and Management Committee Ensures premises are maintained as required by lease, upholding professional standards permitting the studio and equipment be used for KSKQ business only.
  11. Reports in person or in written form to KSKQ Management Committee meetings on monthly station activity.
  12. Is available to work weekends, as needed.
  13. Other duties as requested KSKQ Management Committee.

Reports to: The KSKQ Management Committee. Attend monthly Management Committee Meeting. Attend MCASO Board Meetings in person on quarterly basis.

Collaborates with and fulfills duties of in the absence of: Program Director, Volunteer Coordinator, Chief Operator and News Director

Oversees: Office Volunteer Staff, Volunteer Programmers and interns Prior Experience Preferred: 1) a working knowledge of the technical aspects of the broadcast. 2) basic computer skills 3) Knowledge of FCC regulations and implementation.

Capabilities: The appropriate individual is able to work independently. He/she 1) has organizational skills—both with office procedures and volunteer coordination; 2) has a sense of humor and ownership; 3) is aware of what is happening on-air throughout the day; 4) is available for trouble-shooting; 5) has the ability to communicate respectfully and facilitate interaction with a diverse group of people, including enforcement of FCC regulations and KSKQ policies and procedures.

Contract: The Contract Station Manager is under contract with the Board of MCASO to be paid at an hourly rate of $20/hour, limited to 25 hours/month. The contract will be one year in duration, renewable and negotiable per contract.

Probation Period: After 2 months in service as Station Manager, conduct and progress will be reviewed and suitability for the position affirmed or denied and revisions to this contract considered.

Application directions: Please provide a cover letter and resume.

You may submit either a Microsoft Word document or a PDF.

Email application materials to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This opportunity will be open until filled.