Uploading you show to the Internet Archive involves two processes: copying your show from the archiving/streaming computer in the corner and uploading it to the Internet Archive.

Copy your show

You'll need a flash drive to do that. They are available for very little money in many places.

Step 1. Locate the USB plug near the streaming computer.

picture of flash drive connector








Step 2. Plug the flash drive into the plug. An image of the flash drive will appear on the desktop. 

fd icon

Step 3. Locate your show's folder in the Achives folder on the desktop. In this tutorial, I'll be using one of the shows from Fridays at One.

folder image













Step 4. Drag and drop the file you want to copy to the flash drive icon. Wait until the file has been copied. Then eject the flash drive by dragging it to the Trash icon.








Upload the show to the Internet Archive

Step 1. Plug your flash drive into a different computer (your's, the library's, your friend's, whatever). Navigate to the Internet Archive. You'll need an account to upload your show. Accounts are free and the process is straightforward. If you already have an account, sign in.

Step 2. Click the "Upload" button in the upper right corner. A new window will appear.









Step 3. Click the "Upload Files" button. An upload window will appear.














Step 4. Now you can either drag and drop your file from your flash drive to the gray field a or you can click the blue "Choose files to upload" button to select the file to upload. A new screen will appear.













Step 5. Fill in the information for your show. Make sure you add KSKQ as one of the subject tags. Choose whatever license you feel comfortable with. Then click "Upload and Create Your Item."

























That's it. Wait until your file is uploaded. Depending in the size, that can take several minutes. Once the upload is complete, you'll see a screen like this (this example is David Munson's Farm Talk. Copy the link to the audio file circled in red below. You'll need it for the next tutorial. This is where it get's a little confusing. If you are using a Windows computer simply hover the mouse pointer over the link and click the right mouse button. If you are using a Mac or Macbook and don't have a mouse with a right button, hover the mouse pointer over the link, hold down the "control" key, then click. In both cases a new menu will pop up. Select "Copy Link Location" if you are using Firefox, "Copy Link" if you are using Safari. If you are using another browser, you should seriously consider switching to Firefox.

farm talk