Step 1. Navigate to the KSKQ website with your favorite browser and choose the "Login/Logout" option. The login screen will appear.

















Step 2. Enter your login information that you received via email. If you don't have one contact Michael Niemann to get that information.




















Step 3. After you log in, there will be a new menu option. Select "Write an Article." The editor screen will appear.
















Step 4. There are three items that are necessary for your article: a title, content and a category. Each of these will be explained below.



1. Title. Make sure you enter a unique title. It's easiest to use the date to make the title unique. It also helps visitors identify the show they are looking for. In this example, I used the name of the guest to make the title unique.

2. Content: the editor is a typical web editor. You have many options to customize the appearance of your text. Above you see I used italics to highlight the book titles. There are also bullet and numbered lists. You may also add links. If you do add links to outside content, please make sure the links open in a new window.

3. If you have your show archived, use this code to embed it in the article. The text surrounded by the {} brackets are the opening and closing tags. The text between the tags is the link from the internet archive. Start a new line, then type the opening tag, then paste the link you copied at the Internet Archive. On a Mac or Macbook choose the "Edit" menu and then the option "Paste and match style." Finally, type the closing audio tag.

4. Click the "Publishing" link. On the next page, choose your show's name from the drop down menu. It's important that you chose the proper category for your show. Otherwise it will not show up where you expect it. All current shows have their own category.

Do not change any other settings below the editing window. The system will automatically fill those in.

Once all that is done click "Save" and you are done. Congratulations.