Jason HoukIn a dark and scary world, when there is little hope to be had, and still you keep hope in your heart you are said to be 'whistling in the dark'. On the Whistling in the Dark radio show, host Jason Houk plays eclectic revolutionary and folk music, does interviews and talks about the issues of the day. Whistling in the Dark, showcases the folks who are making positive and revolutionary change. The show is 'concentrated civics', a forum to discuss community actions, our many social justice campaigns and how you can take direct action.

Jason Houk has been with KSKQ since its very beginning. He's served as station manager, news director and all around resource. He's also the the co-editor, with his partner Vanessa, of the Rogue Valley Community Press.


Whistling in the Dark broadcasts on Thursday at 7 pm exclusively on KSKQ.