Moshe Ross

Really Being With You is a weekly program of spontaneous talk, aimed at helping listeners develop their spiritual level of awareness. Meditation is a key to this change. The talks are meant to help lead to the contemplative experience, and its presence in daily life.

Among the questions Moshe asks are these: How can we deal with conflicts, threats and fears? How can we feel peace inwardly and foster it outwardly? How can we respond when a situation looks hopeless? The answers to these questions can be found deep within, and provide a way to open, through meditation, that well of love and guidance.

One of the principles Moshe explores is Reconciliation unto Love. In reconciliation, we discover the harmony of the great wisdom traditions of humanity. And in our reconciliation practice, we learn to access a strength within that allows us to drop our judgments and see through our doubts to an unconditional serenity. We look into our own half-hidden problems, sometimes reverberating from our childhood, and we can begin to forgive our own faults. Solutions to conflicts that will bless everyone involved can come to us. And as we find ourselves growing, we are also becoming accepting and approving. We begin to feel compassion and love, love that overcomes our divisions and suffering.

Instead of struggling, feeling separated from people and things, we can open a new way of Oneness. Through meditation we come into contact with the one life, which appears to us as healing, as happiness, as a whole transformed world.

Really Being With You can be heard every Saturday morning from 9:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. Most of the previous programs are available in the "Programming" section of our website.