Wes BrainIn the early KSKQ days–sometime in 2006, when recruitment for producers was hot and furious–Wes Brain showed up to an organizing meeting of KSKQ's core group and laid out a concept for a daily radio show. Jason Houk spoke up, said he wanted to help and on Nov. 8, 2006 the Brain Labor Report started, a 7AM daily 1/2 hour long show hosted by Wes and engineered by Jason. It featured a mix of music and interviews that focused on the war on working people and the huge gap between the rich and poor in our society.

Since its inception, the show's theme has remained the same. Why should we, the 99%ers, fight amongst ourselves, while the 1% just keep accumulating more and more wealth and power? The BLR has asked this question consistently and has aired many moving discussions about injustices here in Southern Oregon, across our country and all around the world.

The Brain Labor Report also recognizes that we have a waning working class culture. The sights and sounds of working people’s music, art and theater are extremely important and are highlighted on the show through interviews with local folks in the Rogue Valley and sometimes with famous people, too.

Wes challenges the points of view that divide us. "We don't say middle class on the Brain Labor Report," he explains. "Because that language divides us. We are all workers, we are the working class. This is a much better way to describe us.”

The show ran with over 550 “live” productions airing until July 31, 2009, when it took a 2.5 year rest, until late last year…

BLR in the StudioOn November 30, 2011, the Brain Labor Report returned to the air. Wes is still host and Jason still engineers although the show now airs just once a week for an hour at 9AM on Wednesdays. The format is still the same. Every week, they start with “War on the Workers”, the classic protest song by the hell-raising labor folk singer Anne Feeney. Then Wes and Jason continue their efforts to balance all the misinformation fed by a corporate media who are more interested in selling the news with their own reporting on the struggles of ordinary working people.

Besides producing the Brain Labor Report, Wes is a Community Organizer with Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice and has a history of political activism with his union the Service Employees International Union.

Tune in to KSKQ 89.5 FM every Wednesday at 9 AM to listen to the Brain Labor Report.

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