The Brain Labor Report for March 21 has guests who know this history first hand.  Alice Dale will be in Ashland’s KSKQ studio to be joined in conversation with Ann Montague over the phone for this live, hour long program.  Both women are long time leaders with the Service Employees International Union Local #503, the Oregon Public Employees Union.  

The SEIU Rolling Strike of 1987 was a big step forward for Women’s Equity in Oregon.  And this piece of history  helps us understand pay equity issues that we still struggle with today.  Alice Dale comments, “It is important to know that some of these gains have been eroded.  Male-dominated jobs have continued to increase faster in the market than female-dominated jobs.  With state government (the Rolling Strike) made a significant difference but in the market-place more generally, the impact has been modest."     
Who is Alice Dale?
Alice Dale was the Executive Director of SEIU Local 503 for 16 years which was a period of significant change, advancement and growth for the union.  Her style of leadership is inclusive and brought many activists and women into the leadership structure of the union.  She believes that unions must be participatory, have ongoing organizing campaigns and be engaged in activism and mobilizations.  She has always worked to ensure that workers would run their union and to accomplish this she worked diligently to develop worksite leaders who were the face of the union and the leaders for the workers they represented.  As a retiree, she works as a volunteer lawyer for the Oregon ACLU and Rural Organizing Project on immigration issues.  
Who is Ann Montague?
Ann Montague has been a member activist in SEIU 503 for over 30 years. She was a leader at Oregon State University at the time of the 1987 Rolling Strike and one of the founders of the SEIU Lavender Caucus an LGBT activist and advocacy group. As a Case Manager for Senior and Disability Services she assisted organizing home care workers into local 99 of SEIU. After she retired she worked in the movement 15 Now to raise the minimum wage and of course she also fights against the Constant Republican and Democratic attacks on PERS, the Public Employees Retirement System.